2011. december 13., kedd

Ibn Gabirol





Ben Yehuda 43

The Musician

King Kong

Parasite ll.

Galaxy of the Sad Man

Self Portrait


2011. június 16., csütörtök


Thank you Karol with all of my heart!!!

"Elkeszult 3 db kulonleges rajznaplo. A kulonlegessege az, hogy a grafikakat Horvath “Argento” Katalin keszitette, es ez a harom db keszult, tulajdonkepp meglepetesnek szantuk neki. A specialis ebben a dologban az, hogy a konyvnek nincs gerince, ezaltal teljesen ki lehet nyitni, igy sokkal kenyelmesebb hasznalni Es Kati baratom nagyon szeret rajzolni. Egyelore limitalt 7 db keszul a mi mintainkkal. Ugyhogy akinek tetszik, az siessen a boltba."

Bomo Art Budapest manufactured 3 beautiful notebooks with my graphics on the front as a present for me, which is a great feeling. 
Actually it is awesome - Thank you Karol! The notebook was created with special technic and thus can be opened completely, making it more convenient for me to use to draw in it. Limited amount just 7 pieces were made with Beautiful Bomo Patterns.
So who like the idea - hurry up!!!!

2011. március 10., csütörtök

Desert Experience





New Notebook

Since i finished with my previous Notebook i bought a new one in Israel,
which is bigger so it is a new challenge to fill it, the drawings looks different.
But we will see, though i liked the smaller format, i like the idea to get use to new,
not usual things. Obviously it is parallel with the happening in my life.

Ákos, since you asked about the format, it is small, but i do take care of it after draw it with my own hands. I scan it, than i put some levels and put it in gray scale,than wash it with the illustrator trace, so this way i can produce it in any size, so if you are interested i can send you the ai file and you can print it out in any size you like it, and i sign it when I'm in Hungary ;) If it is good for you.

So enjoy the new ones,

2011. március 3., csütörtök


Seriously ?

My Animus

The Dragon-dog visits the desert

Some things help you to remember

Mother with child

Deep Down Under

Machine Head

The dragon says so