2011. március 10., csütörtök

New Notebook

Since i finished with my previous Notebook i bought a new one in Israel,
which is bigger so it is a new challenge to fill it, the drawings looks different.
But we will see, though i liked the smaller format, i like the idea to get use to new,
not usual things. Obviously it is parallel with the happening in my life.

Ákos, since you asked about the format, it is small, but i do take care of it after draw it with my own hands. I scan it, than i put some levels and put it in gray scale,than wash it with the illustrator trace, so this way i can produce it in any size, so if you are interested i can send you the ai file and you can print it out in any size you like it, and i sign it when I'm in Hungary ;) If it is good for you.

So enjoy the new ones,

3 megjegyzés:

  1. I'm so sad about your new notebook:(( I guess that one is not a Bomo Art journal.... ?? I want to sponsored - produced your art with our leather bind
    journals. :) may I?

  2. Yes, it can be a Bomo Art a.H.H.K.- Horror Vacui Project.
    I would be the happiest, and proudest to use Bomo Art Notebooks!!!!!!

  3. Ok, the next project is a new H. H. K. Special edition notebook by Bomo Art.